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Advocate and Empower

If a member is having difficulty with their transportation they should first try to contact their provider to discuss the situation. Encourage them to become a member of their committee or attend their town hall meetings to be a proponent of change.  If they are still having difficulty and would like to file a complaint they should contact the Federal Transit Administration Office of Civil Rights at  or file an ADA compliance complaint at


Project Action
Transit Planning 4 All
United We Ride
Community Transportation Association
Department of Transportation

Fixed and para-transit in the greater Birmingham area.

Public Transportation

Phone: 205.521.0101
Phone: (205) 325-8787

Both of these sites provide information on their accessibility and follow the ADA guidelines.

On the Max site you can search routes or call a customer service agent to help you find the best route for you.  They provide both fixed and para-transit routes and both routes offer accessible buses. They also offer a very clear 6 step guide on how to get a ride

ClasTran strictly provides curb to curb demand response services in a shared ride format. You must contact them to arrange a ride and pickup. ClasTran also offers subscription trips that only have to be scheduled once, but happen on a reoccurring basis.

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