d4d_psaPSA Pitches

“Get me to the Church on Time”    

Church choir at its best selling the concept of volunteer drivers showing up quickly, dependably for getting a congregant to choir practice.

“I am Bill”

Watching Bill doing all his day-to-day REGULAR activities because he has “joined the HUB”.

“Like to drive? Volunteer”

Watching a 16 year old who is itching to drive (anywhere/everywhere) check the box when he gets his driver’s license signifying that he’s will to be a volunteer driver for those who “need a ride!”.

“Where I Go”

Nancy and Mom going about day-to-day life: with ease, thanks to Ride Share and Commute Smart!.

“Where were the Cookies?”

Wednesday night prayer meeting is NOT the same without Vanessa’s homemade cookies, but Vanessa’s transportation failed her! She should have called 1-800-Sharecar.  Next Wednesday the cookies will be there!

“Easy Living”

An unexpected need to work late does not stress Ingrid she just calls the Resource Center and she’s on her way home in no time!

 “Kranky Carl has a Sick Day”

Monica finds Carl, her car, having a sick day  (too many margaritas the night before?) Monica doesn’t panic.  She checks her APP and soon finds a great option and makes it to school on time leaving Carl at home in the garage “to recover!”.