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A Guide to Help You Navigate Your Own Transportation Needs

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Tips to Riding Para-Transit
Be sure to call at least one day ahead to schedule your ride.

When calling to reserve your ride be prepared with all pertinent information such as addresses and dates of travel.  You may ask the operator to repeat the information back to you so that you can be sure they have the correct information.

Know where they will pick you up and exactly where you need to be dropped off.

If there are multiple entrances to your pick up or destination be sure you are aware of which one the bus will meet you at.

Know how much the fare is and have the exact amount ready before the bus gets there.

You don’t want to delay travel by having to locate your fare. Be aware that you may have to purchase tickets in advance. Keep some extra fare money or passes with you just in case you lose yours or something unexpected happens.

Have your ID with you.

Keep it in a location that is easily accessible in case you need to show it to the driver.

Have the transit provider’s phone number with you in case you encounter a problem along the way.

If you or your bus is running late you may need to contact your provider. Keep their number in a place that is easily accessible to you.

Once you have loaded the bus keep all your belongings close by.

Be sure to gather all your belongings before you stop so that you are ready to exit the bus promptly.