Design 4 Mobility

Developing solutions to address patient challenges

in accessing primary and preventative care.

The failure to ensure that optimal, individual-level health is achievable for all can cause a community to experience an absence of health equity.  Among people with disability, access to transportation is a major barrier to maintaining medical appointment and participating in health promoting behaviors.

People with disability are at a greater risk of experiencing health disparities than any other demographic group in the country.  The over 50 million Americans living with a disability deserve a solution and a human-centered design thinking approach will begin to formulate one.

What we did?

Human-Centered Design Thinking

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Transportation is key to everything.

What is a Charrette you say?

A charrette (pronounced [shuh-ret]), is an intense period of design or planning activity.  Charrettes serve as a way of quickly generating a design solution while integrating the skills and interests of a diverse group of people.